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I would like an option to export entities in folder tree, not just with-namespace or entity-name-only.

It should be trivial to implement, just replace dots with slashes, so instead of Namespace1.Namespace2.Namespace3.MyEntity.php file will be saved as Namespace1/Namespace2/Namespace3/MyEntity.php

The main reason is that I use Doctrine2 console tool to generate accessors, and this tool will saves entities in folders and there is no way to configure to save it like Namespace1.Namespace2.Namespace3.MyEntity.php.

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You're right. This should be easy to implement.
We will check it tomorrow and let you know.

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Hi, requested feature is implemented in latest beta: http://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Now you can choose subdirectories-by-namespace in filename-format to tell Skipper to save entites in sub-directories based on their namespace.

Can you please try it and let me know if it works as expected?


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Thank you very much! It works as expected.

It doesn't work if the export-file-name is set.
The problem is if you import the files, it automatically set the export-file-name but without namespace. That means, if you do an import and right after an export, the files will be placed to the export root folder without using the namespace.

Thanks for feedback. We will definitely check it.

The original reason for "export-file-name" property was to allow users to specify a path where they want to place export files (including sub-directories). After adding this new feature we forgot this combination.

To fix that we will probably update export path for the cases when "subdirectories-by-namespace" is set. In such situations filename will be appended to namespace subdirectory and not to root path.