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I already use the ORM features and I started to use the new ODM features but I faced to some issues :

  • raw_type should be raw as specified in Raw annotation
  • Namespaces seems to not be handled for embedded documents. I tried to specify it on Document and Bundle options, but none works.
  • The bundle namespace is appended to collections name. However I would like to be able to specify the collection name without any \ like it's possible to specify a table name in ORM.
  • It's not possible to edit the label in link between collections and documents, so I get long labels I wish I could shorten like \Acme\DemoBundle\Document\MyDocument in acme_demo_my_document.

I'm still experimenting ODM features so maybe I do things in a wrong way...

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Thanks a lot.

Can't wait to try it! :)

Ok, 2) is integrated with skipper and 1) is implement too.

These two updates together with another ones are available in new beta:


I tested this new version and it works like a charm!

Thanks for your responsiveness. :)

Great! Thanks for testing.

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Implemented and fixed in latest beta:


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