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It would be nice to be able to order associations. The order associations appear in the mapping is important when you want to chose the columns order for a composite primary key using foreign keys

associations order

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Thanks for feature request. Can you please post here (or send it to [email protected]) example of definition skipper file together with definition files where exactly is order important? Thanks!

I have the situation where table a contains a mandatory association to table b and an optional association to table c.
table c also has a mandatory association to table b

Because when skipper creates the yaml file, it is putting the association to table c first.
When c_id is null in table a, then the join to table b also fails because it is via table c

If I manually edit the yaml file to put the association to table b first, then the join is successful

I think I understand what you need. As a quick fix, it should be sufficient to change the order of these associations in Skipper xml file. Can you please try it?

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Thanks Ludek, the quick fix worked

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