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Using ZF2 / Doctrine Orm 2

My biggest time waster is generating Mysql tables for my ORM design. You would think all you would need to do is use Doctrine tools to export to your Mysql table however when a project has a handful of vendor modules and ACL programmes etc, this becomes an onerous task to the point where it is faster to build the tables by hand using WorkBench.

What I would love to see in Skipper is a simple way to export a mysql query that I can chuck into something like PHPMyAdmin and run a query to generate the tables.

Currently, I have to create these manually which is a pain :)

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As you pointed out, this task is already processed by Doctrine tools.

The reason why Skipper doesn't do this task is that each ORM framework handles database structure on its own. Also advanced features like inheritance, collection, embedded etc. is ORM framework dependent and can vary based on feature configuration (for example based on inheritance type there are several ways how data are stored in database).

So we would have to implement the whole and complete logic already implemented by each ORM framework independently to be able to implement database export.

From the reasons described above currently we are not considering this feature. Maybe in the future we will implement some standalone plugin for this but currently we don't have specific date.

PS: Maybe you can use some third-party tool or migrations to distribute database changes to production.

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