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I currently have a entity with 30 columns. As I'm sure you can imagine having such a large table take a lot of space up on the screen. In Workbench there is the ability to change the size of each entity hiding or displaying as many columns as you wish. Unfortunately as far as I can tell, there is no way of changing the sizing of entities, which results in a rather messy looking ER Diagram.

Is this something you have planned on incorporating?

Something like this is my current issue:
enter image description here

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we have a plan to rewrite our Model diagram component to offer more features like you're referring. But currently there is only a low interest in such feature in comparison to other requests (we're always working on the most demanded features).

If more users in the future will require this feature we will add a priority to this task.


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Makes perfect sense, hopefully some people will start thinking about it, now I've posted this :)