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Using doctrine annotations, writing them manually, I'm able to use an abstract BaseEntity class to add certain fields which are common amoungst a few tables, to help keep my code DRY.

The issue I come accross is that although Doctrine runs fine with the @ORM\Id field in my abstract class, I'm unable to represent this in Skipper.

I'm currently making the abstract BaseEntity a @MappedSupperclass in Skipper. Am I able to use Skipper in this way? It's annoying having to edit my entities every time after I export from Skipper.

EDIT: This is related to the following issue: http://support.skipper18.com/1829/mapped-superclass-forces-duplication-associations-extended

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Is this issue solved? I think we have worked on something similar some time ago but I'm not sure if it was with you.

I'm unsure exactly. I try to create associations from the child entities and get an error "Cannot create association from entity without primary key".

As workaround create redundant ID in child entity. This id will not be exported but helps skipper to create associations.

As I replied you in another question, this is unfortunately current limitation of Skipper.

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This is now implemented.

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