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Applies to ZF2/Doctrine 2 Annotations:

- Create base class with primary key id field
- Create class extending from base class using Mapped Superclass type
- Try to create association in the extending class

The editor will not display any association fields because the primary key is defined and inherited from the base class. Now it would be required to re-create the the id field in the extended class, however cause "Duplicate definition of column 'id' on entity".

Skipper should be able to see the inherited primary key field and allow it to be selected as an association key field.

Current workaround is to remove the id field from the base class, however it defeats the purpose.

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Thanks for posting. We're aware of this issue and we have a plans implement more sophisticated inheritancenm

I also have this problem, my workaround is to add id to the inheriting class. Only the id on the mapped superclass is exported.

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