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I'd like to be able to call the external tools from the context menu.

i.e. right click on an entity -> external tools -> edit in PhpStorm
i.e. right click on an entity -> external tools -> diff with previous history in PhpStorm
(phpstorm has a command line interface to invoke various functions)

The configured tools would need to access the entity's properties to create the filename.

Steve Groom

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Thank you for your post. I think it's a interesting idea.

Another location to have this type of extension would be from the Export to ORM summary page.

Can you please explain it more in details? How exactly should this extension behave in export summary?

I would expect one or two actions next to each summary line.

I.e. Where a new entity is created, an open in IDE link would be useful.
or when an entity is updated, open in IDE or show diff with previous commited version in IDE

These are typically the activites I do most often after running the export to ORM. I usually go to the entity and run create getters and setters or review the existing ones.

I'm not so keen to run the global create getters and setters command.


Thanks for detailed description.

Ability to compare previous and current definition files is already in our todo and we already have some working prototype.

External task for each new/updated file is also interesting idea. But all of this will require a large changes in external tools, so I can't promise exact term.

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