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I have a project in which all entities have a certain association to one table.
I would like to automate this in the same way I have extra fields automaticaly created. Can I do this and how?
I tried the following without success:

<template element='entity' use-case='create'>
                    <field name="id" type="string" required="true" unique="true" primary="true" auto-increment="false"/> 
                    <field name="account_id" type="string" required="true" />
                    <field name="name" type="string" required="true"/> 
                    <field name="description" type="string" required="false"/> 
                    <field name="created_at" type="datetime" required="true"/> 
                    <field name="created_by" type="string" required="true"/> 
                    <field name="updated_at" type="datetime" required="true"/> 
                    <field name="updated_by" type="datetime" required="true"/> 
                    <field name="is_active" type="boolean" /> 

                <association from="{entity-owner#UL}" to="Account" owner-alias="{entity-owner#UL}Of" inverse-alias="account_id"/> 
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Hi, unfortunately this is not supported now. Currently only single element by name of the created object is loaded.

So if you're creating new entity, only element is loaded. But it's a great idea to improvement, so I will mark your question as feature request.

I think it shouldn't be complicated to implement it. We will post more info to this post when beta for this feature will be ready.

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