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Hello all,

I've started using Skipper yesterday. Everything was going OK, until the program stopped allowing me to add more foreign keys to an entity. I can add the new field, but the "FK" column is now disabled (please see picture). This is even more strange, since yesterday I was able to set 2 foreign keys, on another table. I'm new to this, so does anyone know what's happening?

I don't have an ORM / MVC associated.


Entity editor doesn't allow adding new foreign keys

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it's because this FK column is read-only flag to visualize fields used in foreign-keys/associations. It's not possible to modify this checkbox.

To define new association you need to create it through association wizard or association tool from ribbon bar:

create association

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Thank you, it solved my problem. It's strange, because I remember being able to define foreign keys by checking the field's respective checkbox.

It was definitely another tool ;-). Skipper (and also previously ORM Designer) never supports such feature.