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I'm trying to create an "User" entity that extends "FOS\UserBundle\Entity\User". I got two problems:
- There is no option to specify an external mapped superclass (not defined in the skipper model).
- I can't use the same entity name twice (even if they are on different bundles/namespaces).

Anyone have this issue too? Any workarounds?


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Unfortunately both of actions you need aren't possible right now. Currently each entity in Skipper has to have a unique name (we have it in our todo list to change this) and all entities have to be available in model.

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Thanks Ludek,

As workaround, I can include all FOSUserBundle entities in my Skipper model ┬┐can I mark this bundle as not exportable or something like?

You can include any model you need in your project. Currently it's not possible to mark any module as read-only, but you can simply remove "Data Format" and "Relative export path" settings and model will not be exported:

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I'll try with this workaround.

The trick works,
I've followed these steps:

  • Create a bundle named "FOSUserBundle"
  • Set the bundle namespace to "FOS\"
  • Set the bundle export data format to "" (avoids export)
  • Create an entity named "UserBundle\Entity\User" without any fields. (avoids entity name conflict in Skipper)
  • Create an entity "User" that inherits from "UserBundle\Entity\User"


I'm glad you have found a solution! Thanks for sharing the guide.