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hi hi;
how can i change attribute visibility for all generated attributes for all generated classes?
i want to set all attributes to protected or even public by default
i don't really care about "security" implications, this fits my needs and project needs so its completely fine
lets say i have average 80 tables * 2-15 fields, and i really don't feel comfortable with changing it by hand or scripting :/
so how can i achieve this by default/plugin/whatever proposed method that i can use in skipper?


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Unfortunately currently it isn't possible to change default visibility for new fields. We have this in our todo, but it's not implemented yet.

I'm going to mark this post as feature request, so you will be notified when the feature will be ready.

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so what does it mean to get on "future list" in terms of time? when can i expect this to be added?

Sorry, no exact terms of time. We're prioritizing feature requests based on the amount of user requests, but currently you're the only one.

Right now we're working on more demanded features :

  • mongoDB support - currently in progress,
  • php traits
  • SQL import

I would like to let you know that support for MongoDB is ready. More information about MongoDB ODM support is available here.