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It looks like Skipper auto-update thinks the machine is a Unix-arch and therefore create a wrong reference to the update paths.
Same issue occured with the auto-update yesterday, which made me do a clean install.


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It's really strange. And your version detected some new version to download?
Or which version you originally had?

Can you check how Skipper detects your computer through following dialog? :

enter image description here

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This seems to be ok. Which version caused this invalid update?

An update to version I'm not aware of the buildnumber of this version.

Based on your updated screenshot this doesn't looks to invalid OS detection, but rather to some invalid access/permissions in your temporary folder where Skipper stores update files.

I have tried to update it from previous 3.0.0 version and update was successful. Unfortunately I don't know how to reproduce it. Please let me know if this problem occurred again on your side.

Okay. As a quick fix I uninstalled it and performed a clean install.

Ok, sorry for these complications.