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Would be awesome to deactivate generating caption names when creating associations. We are using a ORM design with more than 600 tables/entities and reading caption names in this model is quite impossible. So we are always removing the caption names. Would be great to deactivate this feature optionally by global settings.

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This can be disable in configurations/templates.

Locate your configurations folder:

Locate the configuration for your framework:

And locate and remove template for association caption, it will look like this:

<association caption="{entity-inverse#CFU} {entity-owner#CFU}"/>
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I guess you forgot something to add?

Sorry for that, I have fixed it now.

Found configuration file in /Applications/Skipper.app/Contents/Resources/Configurations/Frameworks and looked into Doctrine2.skipper.cfg.xml to find that settings:

<template element='association' use-case='create'>
    <association inverse-alias="{entity-inverse#CFL}" owner-alias="{entity-owner#CFL}" caption="{entity-inverse#CFU} test {entity-owner#CFU}"/>

Removed value of caption. Works like a charm! Thanks!