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Currently it isn't possible to re-import existing project. Re-importing isn't easy task because a lot of different changes in the model and in code can happen, which would need to have completely full gui to determine which changes are the latest.

Imagine the situation when you update entity in the model and in the code. After that it would be necessary to tell the application which change is required. Because of this we currently don't have ability to re-import model.

We have some ideas how to implement it in the future but I can't promise specific date right now.

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So if I read this correctly, rather than importing existing entities into a Skipper project, I should create a new Skipper project and re-import all the entities ?

Perhaps a few words on the import / export dialogs to inform the user of the recommended process.


Re-importing whole project is an option but you can lose some of your visual settings. The best usage is to edit all ORM properties in Skipper so you don't have to re-import anything.

Maybe you can check our documentation where we have several useful articles about ORM Designer usage.

For example this article: http://help.skipper18.com/en/shared-modules might explain you how to organize your project to several modules and share these modules between multiple projects. Maybe this is the reason why you need to re-import entities?