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There is a question points exactly same situation from February 2013, also there are a comment from admin says:

This feature is on top of our todo. It will be implemented in one of next versions.

After 1.5 years, i want to ask a similar question; how can i auto-generate getters and setters with skipper?

We are planning to purchasing several skipper licences to use in our company but there are some simple but not-implemented features exists especially for doctrine 2. For example (this may be another question) How can i use DoctrineExtensions or Entity behaviours without getting lost in bunch of XML configurations?

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I apologize but the quoted comment is unfortunatelly misleading, and I will update it.

At this moment we do not plan to add it, because it is already handled by the Doctrine internal functions and we want to avoid duplicating the already available functionality. You can however use Skippers external tools to generate getters and setters, see the tutorial how to set up External tools.

DoctrineExtensions are not fully supported at this moment. We are already cooperating with the author to achieve full support, but we will need to rework big part of the DoctrineExtensions logic and this will take some time. At the moment you can combine Skipper and DoctrineExtensions when you use the annotations format - behaviors will have to be written by hand, but they will not be lost or damaged when you import/export the definitions from Skipper.

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