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Hello, I was wondering if there is a Corporate Version for Skipper 3 and how many access licenses it allows?

If this is the case, how much would it cost to buy the Corporate Version?

Thanks in advance, Ariel.

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Hi Ariel,

thank you for your question here on our support site. It depends on what you mean by corporate version. Based on number of purchased licenses we can offer some level of dedicated support, orm framework customisation or feature by request.

But all of this is always result of agreement between us and our customer. Also it's possible to purchase additional level of individual support if you need less licenses but need some kind of special approach.

Please send your question to our [email protected] email together with more details about amount of licenses, what kind of vip services would you need etc. and one of my colleague will tomorrow reply you with more detailed answer.

Thank you and have a nice day

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