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I've the 15 Day Free Trial license, ORM Designer2 has worked perfectly for the first 13 Day, but now i cant export anything.

When i try to export any datamodel (Doctrine or CakePHP) the software sistematically freeze.

I' have tried to export the sample entity in a new datamaodel, but nothing..

When i click on the button "export to ORM" , the software freeze and dont respond to any input..

After some hours spent on unistall, reinstall and test i have deleted the Key on the register of Windows :
\HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Inventic s.r.o.\ORM Designer 2

Now seem that it work, i can export my work again..

Im on Win 7 64 Bit.
Software version is , 32Bit
The Crash Log dir is Empty.

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The behavior you have described may occur if the system time is significantly changed during the trial period of ORM Designer - there may occur a discrepancy between the system date and license settings, that may cause errors and export may be blocked.

However the license validity is checked against our license server, so if there was similar problem, by deleting the invalid registry value the license was properly synchronized with the server and situation was fixed.

According to our database, you still have 2 more days of trial left so you can properly evaluate ORM Designer.

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