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I´m exporting ORM definitions (yml format by default is selected by the program) in yml and the sortable behavior is ignored on export, is defined in the design in the program, but not included in the YML file.
Tried changing the format to XML on the Boundle properties, and the behaviors where included in the XML exported file.
Having behaviors included in the YML file is important becouse symfony and propel don´t keep relation between XML and YML definitions and is a common thing to have various YML definitions. So using XML export format is not a solution.

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Thank you for bringing it up. We were discussing this just yesterday, but I was not able to find reliable reference material for the YAML format.

Please, send me links to documentation, or some examples how each behavior should look like when exported to YAML and we will add it as soon as possible.

If you have some custom behaviors that are useful for you, send me the reference for XML and YAML and we will add it too.

Thanks for you reply.
Here's a project where you can see the bug. If you set the package export format to xml the output is correct, but in yml format the behaviors are not present.


Hi, thanks for the sample project. Unfortunately we would need some sample how to correctly define behaviors in the YML file. We tried to search it but without luck.

Could you please share some of your schema file where we can see the correct form of YML file with behaviors? Or any link to documentation. Thanks!

You can find the YML documentation in the plugin project page: https://github.com/propelorm/sfPropelORMPlugin/blob/master/doc/schema.md


Perfect, thanks!

There´s a planned date for a release that fixes this issue?

The version with these fixes is being prepared for release right now, it may take several hours before it is all published. I will let you know when you can download the new version.

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Version with fix for the missing behaviors is now available for download in our Beta section:

Please, check if all exports correspond with the Propel convention and let me know the results.

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Great! Downloading as i type... thanks.

Thank you, let me know about anything else you find.

The problem is solved in the beta. Congrats!