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ORM Designer version, MVC: Symfony2, ORM: Doctrine2

I recently imported an existing model from MySQL Workbench into a Doctrine2 project. There were several columns defined as type ENUM, which is fine for a MySQL-specific model. However, Doctrine does not recognize these so I had to manually change them all to "string" and copy the enum values to columnDefinition.

I changed all instances in this model, since there were "only" around 20 enum columns. But for a larger model this could become problematic and would require an automated solution.

Is there a way that ORMD2 could support this process? I understand your concerns about database-specific workarounds for a database-agnostic DBAL / ORM (see #142), but in this use case it clearly is a MySQL-only scenario.

Minimal test case: https://www.wuala.com/JWag/ormdtest/mwbimport.zip?key=ormd2

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Thank you for bringing this up. It should be pretty straightforward to implement into ORM Designer. We will have a look at it and let you know.

hi there,
i have exactly the same situation

as enum is correct mysql type and doctrine2 can work with it (although you have to register it manualy), i think it should be handled with orm designer and not give me a fatal error after exporting entities

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