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After I create an association, I am not able to edit the value for "owner field". Currently, if I want to edit the value for "owner field", I have no choice but to delete the association an re-create it with a different value for "owner field". This makes working with ORM Designer a slow process when I have to do that.

Can you allow the "owner field" to be editable in a future release of ORM Designer? Thanks.

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If you need to edit the owner field name, you can change it through the entity editor - locate the owner entity and edit the appropriate field, the association will be updated automatically.

If you need to switch the field that is used to describe the association, this is unfortunatelly not possible. To properly model such change is very complex and would cause problems for both the application and the model. We do not plan adding this functionality at the moment.

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Hi Martin, following your instructions, I am still not able to edit the "owner field". Even if I select that field, it does not change once it already has a value.

I will have to ask you for clarification, what exactly you need to do: just rename the owner field, or do you want to completely change the association's owner field and use different field instead.

With this info I will be able to investigate if all is working correctly, or prepare some video if needed.